Welcome to Birdwatchers on Twitter

This is a list of birdwatchers on Twitter. Many of us use Twitter to tweet sightings and other bird related news.

Please add your name/alias, country and Twitter url to the list. Just click on 'edit this page' in the top menu.

North American incl Canadian
Joel and Kendra - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - http://twitter.com/birdsinthebuff
Stokes Birding, Don and Lillian Stokes - New Hampshire, USA - http://twitter.com/stokesbirding
ArkansasBirds - Fayetteville, AR - USA - http://twitter.com/ArkansasBirds
robmcnairhuff (Rob McNair-Huff), Tacoma, Washington - USA - http://twitter.com/robmcnairhuff
Earl Tuttle, EDT4-Iowa-USA- http://twitter.com/EDT4
Rachel Jenkins, rachelbirder-USA- http://twitter.com/rachelbirder
MaineBirder (John Briggs) - Bath, ME, USA - http://twitter.com/mainebirder
Christopher Taylor - Marina del Rey, CA, USA - http://twitter.com/kiwifoto
Pamela King - Santa Cruz, CA, USA - http://twitter.com/ardentbirder
robertripma - United States - http://twitter.com/robertripma
Catherine Hamilton - United States - http://twitter.com/birdspot
ChirpTracker - NYC, United States - http://twitter.com/chirptracker
Birdfreak - Rockford, Illinois, USA - http://twitter.com/birdfreak
Matt Bango - New York, United States - http://twitter.com/mattbango
Bevson - New Jersey, USA - http://twitter.com/birdingbev
Scott Fraser - Evansburg, Pennsylvania, USA - http://twitter.com/sfraser
Wren - Michigan, USA - http://twitter.com/wrenaissance/
Harlowbiel - Wisconsin -USA - http://twitter.com/harlowbiel
D. Barstow- Los Angeles - http://twitter.com/cartooness
S Solomon - Boston, USA - http://twitter.com/spsolomon
Liza Lee Miller - California, USA - http://twitter.com/lizalee
Gail R - Upstate New York, United States - http://twitter.com/gailr
Evelyn - Wesson, Mississippi, USA - http://twitter.com/pvtiptop
John Moyer - Chicago, IL/Ft. Lauderdale, FL - http://twitter.com/johnmoyer99
Kyle M - Texas, USA - http://twitter.com/txkyle
Cornell Lab of Ornithology - Ithaca, NY - http://twitter.com/lab_of_O
Birdchick - Minneapolis, MN - http://twitter.com/birdchick
Picusblog - Woburn, MA - http://twitter.com/picusblog
Gavan Watson - Toronto, Carolinian Forest Region, Ontario, Eastern Deciduous Forest Region, Canada, North America, Northern Hemisphere, Western Hemisphere, Earth, The Solar System, Orion Arm, Milky Way Galaxy, Andromeda Group, Virgo Supercluster, Universe - http://twitter.com/gavatron
WBeditor in Southern California, U.S. - http://twitter.com/wbeditor
Bill L. - New Jersey, USA - http://twitter.com/billtacular
Jeffrey A. Gordon - Delaware, USA - http://twitter.com/jeffgyr
Liz Gordon - Delaware, USA - http://twitter.com/elizabird
Left Handed Birder - Loveland, CO. USA - http://twitter.com/lefthanddbirder
Dave Govoni - Nokesville, VA USA - http://twitter.com/dgovoni
John B. - New Jersey, USA - http://twitter.com/dendroica
WisconsinBirder - Wisconsin, USA - http://twitter.com/WisconsinBirder
IvarsBirds - Mpls., MN, USA - http://twitter.com/Krafts
Stephen Ingraham - Kennebunk, ME and US in general - http://twitter.com/singraham
Dona Patrick - Bethesda, MD, USA - http://twitter.com/cedarwaxwing
Amy - IL, USA - http://twitter.com/birdorable
burdr - North America - http://twitter.com/burdr
Rick Lieder - Michigan, USA - http://twitter.com/bugdreams
pgnman-RGV Texas/(Donna), USA http://twitter.com/pgnman
Dawn Fine - United States - http://twitter.com/DawnFine
Pat Bumstead Calgary, Canada http://twitter.com/patbumstead
AustinBirder - Texas, USA - http://twitter.com/austinbirder
Drew Weber Bird-in-Hand, PA http://twitter.com/drewweber
Heather Ray - Durham Region, Ontario, Canada - http://twitter.com/H_Ray
Operation Migration Inc. - North America - http://twitter.com/OperMigration
Carol Casavant, NH - http://twitter.com/momgram
Amy Haran, Utah, USA - http://twitter.com/yourbotw
Gene Leganza, Connecticut, USA - http://twitter.com/CT_USA_Birder
Mark Musselman, Audubon at Francis Beidler Forest, SC - http://twitter.com/TheSwampThing
Nathan Swick - Chapel Hill, NC - http://twitter.com/NC_N8
Elizabeth Gross - Bridgeport, MI (Center of State) - http://twitter.com/birdinginmi
beeebzzz - United States - http://twitter.com/beeebzzz
strack16 - United States, MA - http://twitter.com/strack16
Chuck Davis - La Porte, TX, USA - http://twitter.com/cedavis
Carol Foil - Baton Rouge, LA, USA - http://twitter.com/Dermoidhome
Pat Tracy - Vancouver, B.C., Canada http://twitter.com/PatTracy
John Riutta aka Born Again Bird Watcher - Scappoose, OR http://twitter.com/babw
Donald The Birder (Donald Morse Jr.) - Cincinnati, OH http://twitter.com/donaldthebirder
Bill Lynch - North Brunswick, NJ - http://twitter.com/billtacular/
Steve Creek-Arkansas- http://twitter/screek/
Michael Dawson, Hastings Lake, Alberta, Canada http://twitter.com/HastingsBirds
Mary E. Vallis - Nova Scotia, Canada - http://twitter.com/heikume
Lorraine M. Thompson - Saline, Michigan - http://twitter.com/ LM_Thompson
Roz G Sealy, Seattle, Washington - roz.sealy@zoo.org
Deirdre Anderson - Virginia, USA - http://twitter.com/dpander3
Gail Molsbee Morris -Fort Worth, TX http://twitter.com/godgirlgail
Shelley - NorthEast Indiana, USA http://twitter.com/2013Shelley

South American
Gunnar Engblom - Peru - http://twitter.com/Kolibrix
Jean Paul Perret - Lima, Peru - http://twitter.com/jpperret

Western European
Martin Garner - UK http://twitter.com/birdingfrontier
Tristan Reid - UK http://twitter.com/inkednaturalist
Gwendolen Tee - the Netherlands - http://twitter.com/gwendolen
Craig Nash - Northern Ireland Blogger Bird Photographer http://twitter.com/birdblogger
Andy Mabbett - Birmingham, England - http://twitter.com/pigsonthewing
Fiona Barclay - London, England - http://twitter.com/fbarclay
Olivier Lajuzan - France - http://twitter.com/ecotraveltv
David Baker - Wolverhampton, England - http://twitter.com/falconsallies
Helen Wilson - Cambridgeshire UK - http://twitter.com/helengredal
Harry Rutherford - London, UK - http://twitter.com/HeracliteanFire
Sally Court - Norfolk, UK - http://twitter.com/SallyCourt
Daniel Schepers - Groningen, The Netherlands - http://twitter.com/DanielSchepers
AnnMarie Jones - Machynlleth, Wales, UK - http://twitter.com/antamuk
Steve Chapman - Birmingham UK, - http://twitter.com/stevecbrum
Pete Mella - Sheffield, UK, - http://twitter.com/shefwildlife
British Bird Lovers- London, UK - twitter.com/Bluefinch
Stephen Rutt- Suffolk, UK- www.twitter.com/steverutt
Leo Heemskerk - Netherlands, Vlieland, Castricum area - http://twitter.com/deceptiontours
Dylan Verheul - The Netherlands - http://twitter.com/dyve
Waarneming.nl - The Netherlands - http://twitter.com/waarneming
Observado.org - The Netherlands - http://twitter.com/observado
Ian Coleman - London, UK - http://twitter.com/QuantumTiger
Sean Molloy- Manchester, England.- http://twitter.com/seanio_aka_bob
Josh Jenkins Shaw- Kent, UK - http://twitter.com/JoshJShaw
Divebird - The Netherlands - http://twitter.com/Divebird
Phil Slade -UK - http://twitter.com/anotherbirdblog
Mark Smithson - UK www.twitter.com/smido
Charlie Moores - UK http://twitter.com/wiltsnature
Roger L Gilbert (AKA - Venomator) - Hertfordshire, England - http://twitter.com/Venomator
Emily DeVoto - Cambridge,- http://twitter.com/SongthrushonCam
Alfons Delgado-Garcia, la Selva shire, Girona, (Catalonia) Spanish Estate - http://twitter.com/#!/alfonsdg
Frank McClintock Alentejo, Portugal http://twitter.com/frankinparadise, http://twitter.com/quintabarranco

East European

Middle Eastern

Irshad Mobarak - Langkawi, Malaysia, South East Asia - http://twitter.com/junglewalla
Ulhas Anand - Bangalore, India, South Asia - http://twitter.com/ulhasanand
Rahul Sachdev - Pune, India, South Asia - http://twitter.com/sachdr
Prinson -Ernakulam, India, South Asia - http://www.twitter.com/prinson

Trevor Hampel - Murray Bridge South Australia - http://twitter.com/TrevorHampel
Steve Happ - Newcastle, NSW, Australia - http://twitter.com/steve_happ

James Wolstencroft - East Africa; & in the WP: Argyll (summer visitor only) http://twitter.com/gonolek
Marcell Claassen - Ruhengeri, Rwanda - http://twitter.com/MarcellC
Spencer Tom Tafadzwa Chirume- Southern Africa, http://twitter.com/Spencer_tt